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June 22, 2015
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July 30, 2015

The Major Benefits of Green Chemistry

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GC3 Reports Provide Workable Plan for Widespread Adoption of Green Chemistry

Sustainable chemistry practices are being touted by the GC3 – the U.S.-based Green Chemistry and Commerce Council. The GC3 has released a series of published reports detailing analysis, research and case studies of the merits of adopting green chemistry.

The GC3 reports are divided up into 4 reports, two of which have already been published. One such report was published in April and it makes the case for the adoption of sustainable chemistry practices. The other report details how to facilitate the adoption of green chemistry was released in the third week of June 2015.

The final two reports will be released throughout the course of 2015. The third report will be focused on how much progress and development is being achieved, vis-à-vis the movement towards green chemistry. The other report will be exclusively focused on how to take sustainable chemistry practices mainstream.

In May 2015, a report was released by the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) titled: Behind the Label: How Business Sees Opportunity in Safer Chemistry. The report took into account two major innovative chemistries which used safe chemical ingredients in the general household and other products. The cleaning products were produced by Seventh Generation and AkzosNoble..

Accelerated Pace of Green Chemistry Needed

Monica Becker, the co-director of the GC3, acceded that sustainable chemistry is an important issue in academia and industry – but she cited the importance of speeding up its adoption throughout the world. Owing to the substantial benefits to the economy, the environment and public health, green chemistry needs to go mainstream.

The rationale for generating the reports was to get insights and updates from retailers, chemical companies and brands about how to facilitate the adoption of sustainable chemistry practices in the global economy. By focusing on specific elements of green chemistry, it is hoped that these reports will inculcate key industry players and their communities as to the merits of green chemistry.

Since the reports have been largely business-focused, they highlight all the potential possibilities and pitfalls of green chemistry. The reports can lead to conversations about the chemical industry’s structure and working together among key industry players. The 4 reports combined will allow for the advancement of sustainable chemical industry practices.

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