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A whole lot of facility improvement is happening on chemicals company sites all over the world right now. Let’s take a look at this trend, and what some of the big players are doing to upgrade their business.

Dow Chemical Company Plans New Great Lakes Bay HQ

On 17th July the CEO and Chairman of Dow Chemical Company, Andrew Liveris, announced that there are plans in the pipeline to construct a massive 150,000 square-foot tenement as the company’s new HQ in Midland. The new building will rise 6 stories and construction is due to be completed by 2017. As one of the world’s leading chemical companies, Dow Chemical Company has been going strong since its inception in 1897. The new corporate facilities are testament to the company’s commitment to the Great Lakes Bay. The existing HQ – the 2020 Willard H. Dow Center – will remain on the premises.

Dow Chemical Company’s new HQ will be tendered to KIRCO, a construction enterprise with over four decades of experience in the industry. The architectural element has been entrusted to Kirksey Architecture from Houston, Texas. As part of the company’s strong commitment to the local community, Dow Chemical Company’s facilities will include functional offices, corporate offices and business offices. Other facilities will also be included, such as employee training, health and wellness and a video production studio.

TogliattiAzot Revamps Ammonia Plants with KBR

KBR of Texas will be revamping TogliattiAzot’s ammonia plants in Tolyatti, Russia. News of the revamp of seven ammonia plants has been welcomed by company insiders, who believe its experience in the ammonia industry is the reason it won the contract. According to the terms of the contract, KBR will be responsible for the front-end engineering, basic engineering, design services and licensing of the plants. The technology it provides will be used to reduce the costs of production at TogliattiAzot (ToAZ). The chairman of ToAZ, Sergei Makhlai, announced that KBR would help his company to achieve its strategic growth objectives.


KBR of Texas will be revamping TogliattiAzot’s ammonia plants in Tolyatti, Russia.

Polymerics Inc. Upgrades Facilities in Kent, Ohio

Polymerics Inc. is forging ahead with plans to enhance its 56,000 square-foot facilities in Cuyahoga Falls, with multiple upgrades. Among others, there is a brand new No. 9 drop-door mixer, an upgraded dust collector, green lighting, an R&D lab and an upgraded computer system. The additions of several high-horsepower motors and an upgraded oil-injection mechanism are just a couple of examples of the many changes made in the revamp of the production facilities. The plant in Kent, Ohio covers some 36,000 square-feet and produces a wide range of products, such as cure packages, high-end polymers, chemical blends, oil-bound dispersions and individual chemical pre-weighs. In total, Polymerics Inc. has invested a sum of $1.2 million to upgrade and improve both of its facilities in Ohio.

These chemical industry upgrades are taking place around the world as new environmentally-driven initiatives, updated regulation, and greater production efficiency come into play.

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